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The Cosmic Egg Timer

Introducing Astrological Psychology


Joyce Hopewell & Richard Llewellyn

The Cosmic Egg Timer offers an immediate approach to using the astrological birth chart to understand yourself and others. What kind of person are you? What makes you tick? What’s happening in your life right now? Which areas of life offer you the greatest potential?

Astrological Psychology was developed after extensive research by Swiss astrologer/psychologists Bruno and Louise Huber. Combining the best of traditional astrology with modern growth psychology, it provides a powerful tool for self-understanding and psychological and spiritual growth.

First published in 2004, then 2011, and now in this third, revised edition with colour illustrations, The Cosmic Egg Timer provides the best introduction to the Huber Method. It is suitable for beginners, as well as for professional astrologers, psychologists or counsellors seeking a fresh approach to working with clients.

The Cosmic Egg Timer third edition 2018 is available in colour paperback, 162 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9956736-2-5

Also available on Amazon as ‘print replica’ ebook, which provides for reading on Kindle Fire, Android, IOS and Windows devices.

The second edition was also published with full colour illustrations as a ‘flow format’ ebook suitable for reading on most ebook devices. Still available as: The Cosmic Egg Timer in Colour

ISBN: 978-0-9558339-4-6

Published 2012

Review extracts - editions 1,2

“…the first clear and informative summary of the Hubers’ astrological psychology. …a direct adaptation into astrology of the spiritual teachings of Alice A. Bailey. It rests on the assumption that each of us has a soul purpose that can be realised through the horoscope.”

        Dr. Nicholas Campion

Director, Sophia Centre, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

“This impressive book explains astrological psychology clearly in a logical and progressive manner. It enabled me to examine my own chart, and those of family and friends. I came away with a deeper awareness of myself, and a greater understanding of astrology. It has left me wanting to know more!”  

Newcomer to Astrology, London

“This fascinating book brilliantly offers… a real insight into the Huber Method. Read it and you will be able to put theory into practice – the results will be so impressive you will want to know more”                 

Peta High

Chair, Association of Professional Astrologers International

“This is a really clear and well written introduction to both astrology and to Astrological Psychology.

Each chapter is clearly written with a summary at the end. They are an Introduction, in Context, the 5 levels of human existence, looking at the whole chart, aspect patterns, the planets and psychological drives, the signs, the houses and the environment, nature vs nurture, life clock, psychological and spiritual growth, and Bringing it all Together.

It is most useful if you use your own chart alongside the book. It gave me insights into myself and my development through the course of my life.

Alexandra Wax

“This is a very good book to start with if you will learn about the Huber Method of Astrology.

Both Richard and Joyce have a profound knowledge on the subject.

I can also recommend all Joyce Hopewells other books.

She writes with a clarity and depth that you can hardly find anywhere else.

But start with this one. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!”

Johan Roos

Previous editions

The Cosmic Egg Timer was first published 2004; second, revised edition 2011 (both b/w paperback). Both issues are now out of print.

Review extracts - edition 3

“Astrological Psychology, pioneered by Bruno and Louise Huber, is a fascinating School of Astrology with a wide breadth and multi-layered depth of concepts and techniques… The ‘official’ books (by Bruno and/or Louise Huber) offer extensive details and complexity, which can be overwhelming and difficult to comprehend at first. The Cosmic Egg Timer is an invaluable guide to the main philosophies and core techniques, in a vastly more approachable form…

Astrological Psychology uses Colour a great deal to aid understanding and interpretation, so this new colour version of the book massively improves the readability, presenting charts, information and ideas much more as intended by the Huber’s use of colour... The book leads one through the main ideas logically and clearly, and is extremely well illustrated, and… finds a good balance between these main ideas and the devilish detail that would create a barrier to understanding these ideas at an early stage…

The theory is enhanced by the use of various examples, with charts in full colour, applying the concepts to real life situations and bringing Astrological Psychology ‘alive’ to the reader.

I think this book is a good read for anyone interested in either Astrology and/or Psychology, who is open to new ideas, and an essential read for anyone wanting to really explore Astrological Psychology. ”

Shaun Craik-Horan

This is an updated version of the 2011 book… the main difference is this is a colour version and looks so much better for it. As colour is one of the major factor's in the Huber method of psychological astrology this is a massive plus. The charts and diagrams are much clearer and easier to read, making understanding and synthesis easier.

All the major factors of Huber astrology are squeezed wonderfully into this book with many examples on how the method works, with real people in real life. If you are looking for an entry point into Huber astrology then this is the book to start your journey. Please be patient if you are coming from a traditional astrological view point and don't dismiss the ideas before you have tried them out! As you may be surprised at the depth of psychological insight.

The Huber's spent 50 years studying the concepts mentioned in this book. They arrived at them by testing them out on thousands of charts. So enjoy the benefits of their hard work so eloquently written and explained by Joyce and Richard.

S. K. Jones