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In The Planets and their Psychological Meaning Bruno and Louise Huber show how the positions of the planets are fundamental to interpretation of the horoscope. They represent basic archetypal qualities that are present in everyone, and give clues to our psychological abilities and characteristics, and to our growth and spiritual development.

Comprehensive descriptions are given of each of the ten planets, based around fundamental principles. The aim is to stimulate the interpretative abilities of the reader, rather than provide a cookbook. Examples are provided with detailed descriptions of the key personality planets Sun, Saturn and Moon in each of the astrological houses or signs.

A valuable reference work on astrological psychology – every serious student should have one!

“With the publication of this volume, the full power of astrological psychology and the Huber Method is now revealed to the English-speaking world.”

Joyce Hopewell, then Principal, Astrological Psychology Association

The Planets
and their
Psychological Meaning

Capabilities and Tools
 of the Personality


Bruno and Louise Huber

Paperback, 315 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9547680-2-7

Translated from the German by Heather Ross

First published in English in 2006