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Astrological Psychology Related Organisations

The following organisations have a major focus on astrological psychology.

Astrological Psychology Association

Huber Chart Data Service

Cathar Software

Spanish Huber School (Spanish)

Internationale Fachverband Astrologische Psychologie (German)

Book Retailers

Stocks of all our books are maintained by

APA Bookshop, UK (member discounts)

Most retailers can obtain copies of any of our books; the following usually have stocks of some of them.

amazon UK


American Federation of Astrologers, USA

The Astrology Shop, Covent Garden, London

Astrology Shop Online

Midheaven Books, London

Watkins Books, London

The Wessex Astrologer, England

VirgoMoonPages, Australia

Ebook Retailers

For Kindle-format ebooks:

Amazon UK


and Amazon worldwide

There are a large and changing population of retailers for ebooks in the epub format.

Distribution Partners

The following support our production and distribution of ‘print-on-demand’ books and ebooks.


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing