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AstroLog II

Family, Relationships & Health


Louise Huber et al

Astrological Psychology in Practice

Bruno and Louise Huber are well known as founders of their system of astrological psychology, combining the best of astrology, depth psychology and their own research.

There is now a substantial body of experience in the use of the ‘Huber Method’ in the German-speaking world. This is the second volume of articles to be translated from the German-language magazine AstroLog and published in English, following on from Astrolog I: Life and Meaning. The articles are by a variety of authors, many professionals in various psychological disciples and astrological psychology, including Bruno and Louise Huber.

The book is in four parts, each containing articles relating astrological psychology to a specific theme:

1: The Family related to developmental psychology and family counselling.

2. Children and Upbringing use of the horoscope in upbringing.

3. Relationships psychology of relationships, particularly mother-daughter, ‘click’ horoscopes, etc.

4. Health and Therapies keeping healthy, diabetes, Bach Flowers and Tarot.

Paperback, 316 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9558339-0-8

Translated from the German by Heather Ross

First published 2009