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AstroLog I

Life and Meaning


Bruno & Louise Huber et al

Astrological Psychology in Practice

Bruno and Louise Huber are well known as founders of their system of

astrological psychology, combining the best of astrology, depth psychology and discoveries from their own research. In 1964 they founded the Astrological Psychology Institute (API) in Zürich, devoting their lives to counselling, teaching and further research. Since then over ten thousand students have been trained with API, many achieving the Institute’s professional Diploma.

The Hubers’ essential teachings are now mostly documented in English in eight volumes, and English-language Foundation and Diploma Courses have been provided by APA since 1983. However, there is now a substantial body of experience and knowledge in the use of the ‘Huber Method’ in the German-speaking world that is not easily accessible to most English speakers. Much of this experience is documented in the bi-monthly German-language magazine AstroLog, established in 1981. Each of its now-over-150 issues contains articles by contributors including the Hubers, API teachers, students and Diploma holders, many of whom are professionals in other disciplines. Subjects include amplification of aspects of the Huber Method, new ideas and research, practical experience, links with other disciplines, case studies etc.

Thanks to a bequest from Agnes Shellens, we have been able to translate some of the best articles for publication in English. This first volume contains a selection grouped under four categories: ‘Astrological Psychology’, ‘Life and Meaning’, ‘Age Progression’ and ‘Growth and Transformation’.

Paperback, 328 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9547680-7-2

Translated from the German by Heather Ross

First published 2007