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Application to Personal and Spiritual Growth

The following books relate to the application of astrological psychology towards psychological and spiritual growth of the individual human being, plus some more general compendiums of related articles.

Astrological Psychosynthesis

Astrology as a Pathway to Growth

By Bruno Huber

Bruno Huber’s introduction to this holistic approach to astrology and Assagioli’s psychosynthesis, following the premise that the soul is at the root of all developmental processes. Focus on intelligence, integration, relationships.


Astrology as a Spiritual Path

By Bruno & Louise Huber

Processes of transformation and personal/spiritual growth, related to astrological indicators in the birth chart. Includes Dynamic Houses, Stress Planets, House Chart, Integration Chart.

Using Age Progression

Understanding Life’s Journey

by Joyce Hopewell

Explores the use of the key Huber technique of Age Progression, in all its different facets, to help you to understand how to apply it to yourself and to helping others. Illuminated by extensive examples with full colour charts.

Dreams and Astrological Psychology

By John D. Grove

With many examples, John shows how dreamwork and astrological psychology provide valuable twin tools to enable the process of personal integration.

Astrology and the Seven Rays

By Bruno & Louise Huber

Linking astrology with the seven rays of the ageless wisdom enables people to recognise their own deepest qualities. Introduces psychological application of the rays and how they can be determined in the horoscope.

AstroLog I: Life and Meaning

By Bruno & Louise Huber et al

A selection of articles, by various authors including the Hubers, translated from the German-language magazine AstroLog, on astrological psychology and its relevance to life and its meaning.

AstroLog II: Family, Relationships & Health

By Louise Huber et al

The second selection of articles, by various authors including the Hubers, translated from AstroLog. Their subjects relate to  astrological psychology and its use in the context of family members, personal relationships and individual health.